Kelowna Kia

Kia Bluetooth How-To Video

Hands-Free Connectivity
Kia's Voice Activated Bluetooth system is a wireless technology that allows hands-free use of cellular phones in Bluetooth equipped vehicles. Kia's Bluetooth technology offers important advantages and benefits:
Once paired, compatible cell phones automatically connect to the Kia Bluetooth system and make all the functions of the phone available to the driver with a touch of a button and a series of voice commands.
Hands-free operation allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road for a safer driving experience.
Kia's Bluetooth system allows family, friends and emergency services to be instantly available without fumbling for phones, looking up numbers or dialing.
Legal Compliance
Many provinces and local municipalities are placing restrictions on in-vehicle phone use - Kia's Bluetooth system allows hands-free phone operation that complies with many of these emerging laws.
All new Kia vehicles are factory equipped with the Voice Activated Bluetooth system.