Kelowna Kia

Drive Change

Drive Change is the Kia commitment to giving back to communities across Canada that have supported our success. Our national network of 185 Kia Dealers, corporate partners and thousands of Canadians have participated in Drive Change initiatives since its inception in 2010 with food drives, fundraisers, park clean-ups, and more recently in 2013 a focus on making community roads safer coast to coast. And this year will be no different.
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August 20, 2014
Kelowna Kia collected food and financial donations
from August 21-23 in support of the Kelowna Community Food Bank!

We are excited to make a difference in our community.
Thank you for your contribution in driving change and helping us fill a Kia Sorento with donations!
Special thank you to:
Aqua Brew Coffee Co.
Southern Insurance Co.
Maxum Autobody
Western Dealers
Lee Wholesalers
August 29, 2013
Kelowna Kia is partnering with YMCA YWCA Strong Kids
to make a difference in our community!

YMCA Strong Kids is an annual fundraising campaign focused on raising much needed resources to support proven YMCA programs that give kids the opportunities they need to live healthier, happier lives now, but also to grow into productive adults.

Supporting the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign directly supports children, teens and young adults in your community. Everyone is welcome at the YMCA.

In 2010, monies raised through the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and other sources supported the participation of over a quarter of a million people living in Canada, primarily children, teens and young adults.

Your generous donation will help the YMCA, to ensure people of all ages are healthier and more productive regardless of their background or financial situation.

This means:

  • Helping a child learn to swim
  • Helping a teen to learn to lead and feel success
  • Enabling a child to participate in a recreation or physical activity
  • Enabling a family to use a trusted, quality child care

Each YMCA association offers unique programs and services to meet the needs of their community ? and we have been building community for over 150 years in Canada! There are children, teens and young adults in every community that need our help. By giving today, you can help our kids build a better community for tomorrow. Every kid deserves a chance. News Story